Reborn and Grow

Renaître et Grandir
Create your clothing brand pregnant with your 2nd child:
Reborn and Grow

2021 was for me the birth of two babies at the same time, and I wanted to share this experience with you.

The beginning :

Pregnancy is sometimes a real transition in a woman's life. Strangely, during my first pregnancy with my daughter, I experienced it very anxious and on the contrary clinging to my status as an employee in order to provide all the necessary stability to my child.

However, the announcement of my second pregnancy was a real trigger for me. I went through a great period of questioning when I learned that I was pregnant.

What will be my future after the arrival of this second child? How am I going to juggle my professional life and my life as a mom when we already spend 3 hours of transport a day to and from work? What about all this philosophy of achieving your dreams that we pass on to our children but that we don't inculcate in ourselves?

I encountered some problems during the first trimester, and I really thought I was losing my child. But no, he stuck to me and I took this unique chance to start all over again, to blossom and evolve. We often talk about “animal strength” when you're pregnant, but it's true, being pregnant with Charlie gave me incredible strength to surpass myself and finally realize my dream. I just developed with my baby. The more it developed inside of me, the more I had this impulse of developing creativity.

We are reborn, we live again, we want renewal.

The pendant :

Telling you that the last 6 months have been a real joy is wrong. Because despite the desire to want to create at all costs, a pregnant woman must rest and take breaks.

Breaks that I lived very badly because I had this need to surpass myself, to move forward with a schedule in mind. Pregnancy gives us this self-confidence, this dynamism that we want to put to good use, but sometimes you have to face reality, I also wanted to take care of my daughter 10,000% before the arrival of Charlie, and getting around was getting harder and harder (I make big babies hiha)

So what to do at this time? Realize a feasible and achievable retroplanning according to this moment of life.

When you embark on a business creation process and you are pregnant, you also learn to sleep little. Insomnia is common either because of the child (yes children really get itchy feet at night) or because you start thinking about your business plan or scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest. In the middle of the night, I wanted to draw and put all these style ideas on paper. And we finally end up having a greater capacity for work than before the pregnancy despite the fatigue.

I will never know if Charlie felt all his emotions that I was going through, but all I can say is that he was wonderful in me, as if he felt that I needed appeasement, calm to create my company. The rest of my pregnancy was wonderful and it arrived nicely on Wednesday March 17, 2021 because it's Wednesday, it's children's day, right?

The arrival :

We must accept this break, it is necessary. A child only needs love, affection and attention. I went through two such conflicting feelings when he arrived. First of all, I was delighted with this break because I like to do nothing. Just reading and listening to music with him in your arms. But at the same time, I totally felt guilty for not going back to work, as if they were waiting for me and that I had to organize myself and get back to work.

Except no, no one is waiting for us, no one is forcing us to do anything, so we just have to stop trying to control everything all the time and leave things as they should be.

I officially did nothing for 3 months when my son was born.

This period helped me grow personally. We learn that we are not superheroes and finally helped me to be very efficient when it came to picking up things where I left off. We have to go to the essential because we lack time on his 2 lives on a daily basis. The most important thing is to work with suppliers who accept this double life. I happened to go to appointments with my daughter in hand and baby on my back. And yes…. But clearly it helps to lead the appointment to the essentials and finally I always come out of it super positive because it was ultimately the most constructive appointments.

I wanted to create my clothing brand since 2010 I believe.

Then I tried to start in 2017 but finally my second pregnancy was finally the best time. I was able to meet during this period people who were patient, caring, helping, advising, with smiles, disagreements, outstretched hands, tenderness and a lot of encouragement.

Well, that was it for me to create my pregnant company.