Our values

Textile upgrading: upcycling

Upcycling consists of restoring value to a material that was perceived as waste. For Second Table, it is therefore a question of buying tablecloths to transform them into magnificent blouses.

Upcycling has 2 powers:

The first: to offer you unique pieces loaded with a first story, a first life, just waiting to continue through the 1,000 adventures they will experience with you.

The second is that of being able to use already existing raw materials to produce new clothes. All the negative impacts linked to the production of raw materials are thus eliminated (depletion of the soil linked to intensive and non-diversified crops, drying up of the water tables linked to irrigation, pollution of the soil and the water tables linked to the treatment of crops, CO² emissions related to transport between cultivation, spinning, etc.).

French and local production

We are two to make the collection.

All accessories (scrunchies, collars and scarves) are made and embroidered by myself.

For the blouses, they are made by myself but also by a seamstress with golden hands with real know-how and attention to beautiful finishes. The distance between the Second Table workshop and the seamstress is 19km in the Val de Marne

The tablecloths are also bought in the region mainly in flea markets or during personal trips. I'm lucky to have donations too.

Zero waste – 100% eco-responsible

We make maximum use of every cm² of our textiles: from bias binding, finishes, to composition labels.

Each scrunchie is made either with small scraps from the tablecloth, or I use the napkins that often accompany the tablecloths to make scrunchies.

Collars and scarves are produced with tea cloths or doilies.

Second Table selects only cotton or linen tablecloths, and every detail (embroidery, initials, crochet and macramé) is highlighted.


Ecological value is fundamental for Second Table, but I want to bring uniqueness to my client. Each product is totally unique, for a unique woman and I want to bring a unique relationship with each of my clients.